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Orange Succets



  • Sugar
  • Oranges - same weight as sugar


  1. Take oranges and chop into pieces, or briefly whiz in a food processor
  2. Crush the liquid out of the oranges, so you only have the meat
  3. Warm the sugar with a little water or surplus orange juice
  4. Boil the sugar until it reaches the soft ball stage (ie, until the sugar forms a soft ball when dropped in cold water)
  5. Take the sugar of the heat, and beat hard until it crystallises.
  6. Place back on the heat
  7. Warm the orange meat, and drop into the sugar, stir well but do not let boil
  8. When the sugar is almost cold, pour it into a deep plate, and allow to dry. (Place in oven with the door open and on the lowest heat.)