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Out of the way, Pech!

Lord Gryffyd Rhydlyn

As a fighter of Ventbarre one of the highlights of Rowany Festival is war day. Of course it goes without saying that the highlight of war day is crushing your victim. When your victim is an archer however, you just have to settle for crushing anything that gets between you and your victim. It was to be a field battle, the type where clothyard shafts rain death upon unsuspecting soldiers as they attempt to close the distance between themselves and their enemies. So how do you minimise the losses on your side? You assign someone both fast and furious to deal with the pesky creatures that shoot from afar and run from manly conflict. Such a person was I. I had been assigned to chase down and eliminate archers. I did my job well... actually I relished it. So after removing several archers from the battle, I paused, searching for the next victim... There he was standing alone, out in the open, he was a perfect target. Unfortunately he was quite some distance away and I knew that being the cowards they are the archer would turn tail and run the instant he saw me bearing down on him. What I needed was a strategy!

Enter the Stormhold shieldman. Slightly to the left and closer than the archer stood two Stormhold heavy fighters. My strategy clicked into place. I would charge at the heavies and at the last instant veer off and accelerate straight towards the archer giving him no chance to flee. All was in readiness as I began my implacable charge toward the Stormhold shieldman. As with all plans this one was outdated the instant it was put into practice. Not only did the archer believe that I was attempting to charge into the Stormholdian, but the shieldman also believed it. Both of them moved into a better position and braced for the impact.

Did I mention that not only was I fast... but also furious? If these fighters wished to stand between myself and my prey, they could deal with the consequences, I would not go around the shieldman... I would go through him. The thrust of my charge changed and I gathered my strength. At the moment of impact, with a negligent flick of my shield and a contemptuous cry of 'Out of the way, Pech!', I flung my opponent aside and continued on to kill the archer who was my primary target. Yes, I had achieved my objective and someone else was dealing with the dazed shieldman laying on his back on the field. It was a glorious feeling!

(Just between you and me it wasn't really like that at all, but since that is how it looked to an outsider and it makes a much better story, I'll stick with it)

So when next you hear a cry of 'Out of the way, Pech!' and you see a shieldman bearing down on you, stand aside and let him pass.