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There are three different breeds of (polling) Peer being:

  • Knights - Excellence in Fighting,
  • Laurels - Excellence in Arts & Sciences, and
  • Pelicans - Excellence in Service.

The one thing that binds these three Orders together are Peerage Qualities. You don't need to be a Peer to demonstrate Peerage Qualities. Peerage Qualities are something that we should all aspire for.

Peerage Qualities

From the SCA Organisational Handbook, Corpora, section VII.A, Personal Awards and Titles, Patent of Arms.

I. General Requirements: Candidates for any order conferring a Patent of arms must meet the following minimum criteria. Additional requirements may be set by law and custom of the kingdoms as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Crown.

  • a. They shall have been obedient to the governing document of the Society and the laws of the Kingdom.
  • b. They shall have consistently shown respect for the Crown of the Kingdom.
  • c. They shall have set an example of courteous and noble behaviour suitable to a Peer of the realm.
  • d. They shall have demonstrated support for the aims and ideals of the Society by being authentic in dress, equipment and behaviour as is within their power.
  • e. They shall have shared their knowledge and skills with others.
  • f. They shall have practiced hospitality according to their means and as appropriate to the circumstances.
  • g. They shall have made every effort to learn and practice those skills desirable at and worthy of a civilised court. To this end they should have some knowledge of a wide range of period forms, including but not limited to literature, dancing, music, heraldry and chess, and they should have some familiarity with combat as practiced in the Society. They should also participate in society re-creations of several aspects of the culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

How does this work on a day to day basis?

Peers are seen to be leaders, doers and folks you can go to if you're having a bit of difficulties. There are many ways that Peers contribute to the SCA and here are a few ways to identify them.

Tigger Peer

This person has this incredible energy. They bound up, talk excitedly at you and inspire you to do whatever it is that they are talking about. You get totally blown away by their enthusiasm and you tag along behind. They talk to everyone as much as possible. They encourage and facilitate all things to do with the SCA with their charisma on a general level.

Borg Peer

This person will take them into their fold not even knowing who you are really. You are absorbed into a family like environment. Kinda like Papa or Mummabear, Denma/pa that sort of thing. Your goals become their goals, etc. They take you and your needs and help you acquire skills directly, encourage and facilitate your development and enculturation on a one on one level but there will generally be many one on ones...(In fact there will be oodles!!!) We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be enculturated. You and your potential skills will be taken on into the Barony. You will develop your skills and Peerage qualities and assist others....

Master Major-General

But there's the peer who approaches everything a bit like a major-general "Right troops, here's the plan. First unit, you're going to attack from the front. Second & third units will flank on each side." "But Master Major-General, all we're doing is setting up the hall!" You know, a super organised type of peer, who steps into the breach time & time again. Where do they get their energy?


Then there's the super-sleuth (or super nosey) peer, who has to get their hand into everything, even if it's just to find out everything that's going on, & continually surprises everyone with their thorough knowledge of at first seemingly simple and non important stuff. "By the way, your majesty, I found out why (insert group) don't like you."


Your standing there with the world exploding around you, it's raining, you've slipped over in the mud, burnt your hand and burnt the rice for dinner. Fairygodmotherpeer appears with a cup of tea and makes all the problems seem like nothing, the sun starts to shine and everything is all of a sudden put back into place.