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Poetry Bethan's Luck

A Sonnet to Bethan's Luck by Sir Baron Master Gabriel de Beaumont

  • To all let me now speak of Bethan's luck
  • For she is the consort of Berenger
  • With speed of sword and a dash of pluck
  • At Crown he was the greatest challenger

  • He is fearless toward amphibians
  • Whether they dwell in water or in dell
  • No quarter to panda or simian
  • He decrees there is no bamboo in hell.

  • While many would claim that he is touched
  • And often would seem a little uncouth
  • He entertains us with humour and such.
  • By speaking the words of candour and truth

  • So for Berenger who is very Ace
  • And to Bethan for her patience and grace.