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Poetry Jealousy

Jealousy - Sonnet (II)

Stefano d'Urbino AS XXXII

  • A jealousy is tearing me up inside
  • Its hissing roaring flames hide carefully
  • Until cindered shell am I upon the tide
  • Green boiled o'er to blackest black I be

  • Thence I be an automaton and think nought
  • Saying much to cover devilish sign
  • While with cunning and resourcefulness I wrought
  • No gain apart from grief in my design

  • A hand may I cause to quiver or be wrung
  • A face may crumble, pyramid to dust
  • Name may be sullied and happy mind undone
  • Tear fall eye to cheek with remembered lust

  • But revenging hand or face, name, mind or tear
  • Gives a cindered hollow shell but hollow cheer.