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Poetry Love

Love - Sonnet (I)

Stefano d'Urbino AS XXXII

  • Best of all is when love is requited
  • Though better unrequite than not at all
  • And as aside a false love is love blighted
  • To say you love and not do is to fall;

  • For friendship starts by fanning little flames
  • Grow'st stronger still, as deeds and time make fire
  • Consum'd friends thus litter charred remains
  • When deeds of friendship grow into desire;

  • Most hopeless painful sound of all the world
  • Is hearing one you love say they do not
  • But blame and guilt and pressure ought be furled
  • For tragic ends to dreams come with our lot;

  • In fact, the simplest known of loving suit
  • Is heartbreak'd unrequitement may result.