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Positions Vacant

Positions Needed Replacement Now!

Marshal (Required position to remain a Barony)

  • Must be a warranted marshal to perform this responsibility
  • Required position to have a functioning Barony
  • Baron waiting for replacement since May 2007. Request for officer waiting since November 2006
  • Please contact our Baron and current marshal

Positions Vacant

These are positions that are currently sitting vacant. Please note, you are required to be a paid member to volunteer to be an officer.

Hospitaller (Gold Key)

  • Responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the lender gear, making sure lender gear is accessible and useful and maintaining a register of newbies.
  • Position is available now.
  • Contact the Seneschal


  • Produces Dieu la Vault and oversees the Website
  • If you are interested in this position, please read Publishing policy.
  • Contact the Seneschal
  • Available now