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Project Recruitment

Recruitment Projects

Marketing Material

Regional Flier - Constanzia <completed>

  • New two sided, 3 fold colour regional SCA marketing flier has been developed.
  • Highlights fighting, A&S, performing arts, travel, family and events.

A4 Poster - Constanzia

  • A4 Colour poster for community notice boards, libraries etc.

Business Cards - Constanzia

  • General regional business cards to be available for people to have on their person, at fighter practice, events etc.

Website development

  • A lot could be done here!!!

Events & Activities


  • Advertising at Uni, local supermarkets and community notice boards
  • Possible letter drop in the area the week before tourney?
  • Potential Quest newspapers at Buttony Cross (Asa)
  • Fliers to be available at events (and possibly on the green bridge when we run an event)


  • Analyse new parklands as potential tourney sites
  • Increase tourneys and events
  • Use tourneys as mini demos - so demo standard eg no camp chairs, mundanities etc
  • Events being run under the green bridge with appropriate timing with Uni


  • Musgrave park complete
  • Shakespeare in the park - Giles

Capture info and use

  • Document response (call back, return business) from events, fliers etc
  • Use info to better target recruitment areas.