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Project Resourcing

Resourcing Project

This is to assist members of the Barony to be able to help others to help themselves. The idea is that if the know how is available at A&S to get materials and guidance to make things, then members (old/new) can not only build themselves a kit, but gain skills, confidence and independance. Eventually we would like to see these people learning skills then pass on their skills to others.

Newbie Resourcing

  • Revamp of Newbie guide from first event perspective
  • Development of First Year guide
  • Articles to be available on website. And some available at A&S
  • Newbie Checklist idea?

Website development

  • To be easy to find stuff.

Articles for Website (not just newbies)

  • Clothing Overview for website
  • Fighting articles for website
  • Other articles to be written up from A&S classes?

A&S resourcing - Hardcopy Library Projects

Library of clothing patterns available at A&S.

  • Patterns sourced from individual personal libraries
  • Individual patterns on calico stored in yellow envelopes in order of size or style
  • Yellow envelopes stored in plastic tubs to reduce loss
  • Boys and girls clothing different periods
  • Headgear
  • Accessories

Library of leatherworking patterns

  • Pouches from various periods/genders
  • Shoes sizes - from various periods/genders
  • Water bottles

Library of Chauser/aketon patterns.

  • Male � small/med/large
  • Woman � small/med/large?

Basic sewing tool kit available A&S

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Chalk
  • Tool kit to store
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board

Library of articles/books

  • Purchase bookshelf
  • Hardcopies of articles and instructions available on net
  • Copies of the basic texts (Medieval Tailors Assistant, Heraldry etc)

Armour and fighting equipment

Regular workshops held by various members of the fighting community to cover the following:

  • Making swords
  • Making shields
  • Constructing basic armour
  • Amending purchased armour

Hospitaller equipment

There is no officer looking after the equipment at present. Review of Hospitaller equipment is needed. Many incomplete outfits or outfits without unders, or unders that don't have outers - and of course they don't go with each other.

Hospit - Officer for equipment and process

  • Currently no officer looking after the equipment, and no process to track equipment, no return policy.
  • Members are still using hospit gear after six months when they are supposed to have returned equipment after their first event. (In a timely manner).
  • Development of process, tracking mechanism, booking equipment etc is required.
  • Officer is required. Suggested that they work with QM and equipment is considered as an asset

Hospit - Clothing & Accessories revamp

  • Document what is currently with Hospitaller
  • Locate if any are outstanding
  • Identify what is required to be tossed out
  • Identify what is required to complete each outfit.
  • Develop program of projects and distribute to members to assist.
  • Identify body shape gaps in equipment
  • Develop program of projects and distribute to mambers to assist.
  • Create purchasing list if required for submission to Baronial Finance Committee

Hospit - feasting gear revamp

  • Document assets
  • Locate any outstadning
  • Identify what is needed, what needs to tossed.
  • Create purchasing list for submission to Baronial Finance Committee

Hospit - Storage

  • Storage of equipment is currently unsatisfactory
  • Location is good, method bad.
  • Review what is needed to make accessibility and identificaton of stock easy.
  • Produce submission to Baronial Finance Committee

Resourcing the Barony!

  • QM to be appointed
  • QM to run stocktake workshop
  • QM to identify needs which include storage methods
  • QM to look at what we can get rid of (with team)
  • QM Policies/Proceedures are current
  • Review of storage of once a year use items (ie Festival equipment) to be stored in different location to reduce pressure on storage facilities at hall should be considered.
  • QM to produce list of what equipment is needed for the Barony to run quality events. (Includes fix ups)