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Project Retention

Retention Projects

Objective of Retention Projects is to keep our older members engaged, try and develop members to have more confidence in taking leadership roles etc. Inspire and create more activity.

Venue Projects

Seek appropriate venue for Fighter Practice - Gabriel

  • Contact BCC and with a view of hiring the lights under the bridge (Completed)
  • Do a drive by to determine what is required (Completed)
  • Get key off BCC (under negotiation)

Make current A&S venue more comfortable

  • Clean up the hall <completed by Buzz and team>
  • Put up photos of events and SCA activities on pin boards
  • Ensure advertising of upcoming events, information available

Grow and engage Barony to participate in more activity

Activites: Events, A&S and Fighting, community

  • Quality training structure for FP which assists in various areas such as: newbies to authorisation, and various phases of fighting development
  • Hands on A&S classes with materials available which are relevant and useful
  • Events that encourage people to participate in more activities to improve their event experience
  • More parties to encourage social interaction and sense of community.

Increase participation from established members

  • Increase interest and excitment in events
  • Engage older members and make them feel welcome
  • Encourage families to participate

Mentoring Project

  • Maud concept of getting SCA age groups to mentor younger age groups so that the same folks aren't doing the same things ad infinitum
  • Look at how some HH have worked well in the past, and try and mimic similar type of activities with the Barony. (IE - Some households, the older members will assess with the new members what they need to develop and then make those things happen)

Develop members of the group to take leadership roles

  • Document policies and processes on website <in process Gabriel and Constanzia>
  • Document Roles and Responsibilities (pds) for officers outlining benefits to members and responsibilities to group on website <in process Gabriel and Constanzia>
  • Document processes and articles on effective event management on website <in process Gabriel and Constanzia>
  • Encourage more new stewards and provide support
  • Encourage new officers

Fostering more members to share the load