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Publishing Policy

Policies and Procedures

The chronicler is responsible for all publications (including the website) produced by St Florian de la Riviere. These include and are not limited to:



  • Dieu la Vault (DLV) is the monthly newsletter of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere.


  • Domun: contacts list for members of the Barony (restricted)
  • Purple Pages: useful contacts for resources

Adhoc & in partnership with other officers

  • Regional flier
  • Newcomers paraphernalia
  • Event fliers as requested


  • Publications are to be available electronically and distributed by email or websites where appropriate.
  • Hard copies are to be available at Monday Night, events and demos for newcomers or interested parties. However, soft copy is the preferred format.
  • Monthly publications are sent out on the first day of the month.
  • Quarterly publications are sent out on the first day of March, June, September and December.
  • Documents are to be stored in PDFs on the website (non-editable). Publications that are distributed electronically are to limited to 1mb.
  • Deadline dates for publishing are to be posted to the St Florian list each month.


  • No mundane names are to be used in St Florian publications or website.
  • Restricted publications are to be made available to participants only.
  • Photographs of minors are to have the permission of the parent prior to publication.


  • Information is provided by members of the populace and where possible and reasonable this should be checked for accuracy.
  • Website accuracy is the responsibility of all members of the Barony. Where there is an inaccuracy, a member of the web-team should be advised to make the appropriate changes.
  • Website: all information, links, etc must be checked regularly for accuracy.
  • All documents provided to Dieu la Vault may be used to publish on the St Florian website.

Financial Implications

  • All publications produced by St Florian de la Riviere are free.
  • Costs of publications to be posted are the responsibility of the recipient