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Quarter Master Policy Procurement

Assets - Procurement

Any proposals to purchase or make equipment must go to the Quartermaster for their consideration prior to the Baronial Finance Committee. All asset proposals must include the following:

  • What is purpose/need for the item?
  • How durable is the item?
  • How is the item going to be stored to maximise life of item
  • Do we have sufficient space, (or do we require to throw out some items)
  • How much is it going to cost to store the item
  • How often is this item going to be used
  • How is the item crucial to the event/barony/encampment
  • How much is it going to cost

If assets are being purchased or replaced due to damage, the Quartermaster must provide a report detailing the cause of the damage to the Seneschal.

  • If solutions to reduce the risk of damage are available, they should be considered as a part of the budget proposal to replace the equipment.
  • Approval for purchasing equipment is to go to the Baronial Finance Committee which should include the Quartermaster where possible.
  • If an item is required to be purchased in an emergency, approval can be sought through the Reeve and Seneschal however this must approval must be ratified by the Baronial Finance Committee within 7 days as per the SCAA Finance Policy 2002.