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Quarter Master Proceedure Borrow

Borrowing Procedures for St Florian Events

  1. Steward (or delegate) is to contact QM a minimum of 14 days prior to the event with a rough idea of what is required as well as a date and time of pick up.
  2. All equipment is stored and itemised in specific boxes. Steward (or delegate) will be borrowing all contents of the box � not some. Please ensure that this equipment goes back into the specific box.
  3. QM will provide a form and list of equipment that the Steward has borrowed for signature. The Steward is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is returned clean and organised and in a timely manner
  4. QM will add your name and contact details to the bookings list.
  5. A time will be arranged for you to return the equipment ASAP. (within 2 weeks)

Returning equipment

  1. All equipment must be returned as itemised in the specific boxes
  2. QM will tick off all equipment that you have returned.
  3. QM will report to the Seneschal to advise that the event borrowing has been finalised.

Borrowing Procedures for SCA events not hosted by St Florian

  1. Steward (or delegate) from the external group is to contact the Seneschal to negotiate what can be borrowed.
  2. Seneschal will contact the QM and advise of the outcome.
  3. Please follow standard Borrowing and Returning Equipment processes.