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Hello all

With Tomas and Stanzi working on getting ourselves out of the position we are currently in with the financial reporting situation, I would like the Barony to start thinking about the 3 areas of Recruitment, Resourcing and Retention.

Just to clarify, what I refer to as Recruitment is getting the newcomer to A&S, Fighter practice or an Event in the first place and making sure they feel welcome and come back a second, third, fourth, fifth etc time. Resourcing is getting them acculturated, equipped, authorised, paying their membership and starting to give back to the SCA. Retention is the ongoing requirement to provide people with what they need to continue wanting to play SCA.

Over the last 4 or 5 years, I believe Recruitment, Resourcing and Retention have been done in a haphazard way. I want this to change. I believe that the group has not been as successful as it could be in Recruitment, Resourcing and Retention and I think that this shows.

This is not anyone in particular's fault, it has just happened over the years.

One person cannot be responsible for the Recruitment, Resourcing and Retention for the entire Barony. This will require a group effort and a slightly different way of doing things. Over the next month, I would like people to start thinking about what they can do to help or any ideas they have. I will be asking the Officers of the Barony to play an important role in this process, but it will also need the support of the Barony as a whole.

I will be posting to the list over the next couple of weeks some proposals for consideration. I will be organising various groups to get together to plan how we can tackle the issues of Recruitment, Resourcing and Retention. I would like you to be involved.

I am working on the assumption that other people apart from me want a thriving vibrant group.

I�m seeking ideas from people on recruitment, resourcing and retention, and am very interested to hear what you have to say, and what you�d like to contribute. This issue is fundamental to our existence, so it is important that this is a whole of Barony approach.

If you wish to contribute, be aware, that we need to share the load together, and individuals will not be responsible for the whole process, as that is doomed to fail. There are many ways you can provide support to this endeavour. Also, be aware that theories are great, however if you�re not willing to contribute to that theory, it is less likely to get off the ground.

I have been in the SCA long enough to watch the group go in circles of growth. However while I am not sure the above plan will work, I refuse to sit by and watch the Barony continue its gradual slide backwards in numbers and active players without trying something.

Take care Gabriel

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