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Regional Calender Policy

Regional Event Calender Policy

St Florian recognises that it is one of many SCA entities in South East Queensland and wishes to promote accessibility of events. Where possible, it is in the interests of all groups that where possible, events do not clash. An agreement has been made with the Barony of River Haven, and the Shire of Bacchus Wood that the Baronies have two premiere events and the Shires have one. There is one shared event for the region. Premier Events have exclusive access to the date. Any other event will be taken as a negotiation.

Queensland Premier Events

  • March Baronial (River Haven)
  • Great Northern War (Shared)
  • Winter Baronial Championship (St Florian de la Riviere)
  • September Baronial (River Haven)
  • Bacchus Wood Annual Event
  • Battle of Buttony Cross (St Florian de la Riviere)

Regional Calender Meeting

In order to attempt to schedule timing of events throughout the region, Seneschals will request proposed event dates from members of the populace for the upcoming year in November. In December, there will be a Regional Calender Meeting between the Seneschals, Barons and Baronesses of the groups to attempt to schedule dates for events. Consideration will be made to costs of events, type of events, and closeness of events where possible to try and ensure greater accessibility for the populace.

Negotiating a date

  • Where possible, stewards should contact the Seneschal about an event date.
  • The Seneschal will decide whether or not to contact the local group to try and negotiate dates if there is likely to be a clash.