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HERALDRY: IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! by Lady Elaine Wentworth, Baronial Herald

Have you ever gazed over the hills of Rowany and experienced deep envy at the sight of everyone else's banners fluttering in the breeze? Ever looked around you at a tourney and been thrilled by the spectacle, the colour, the pageantry? Heraldic display is so much a part of what creates this! Your name and your device are the things that are uniquely yours in the SCA. Anyone can turn up in the same frock, but no-one can turn up in the same heraldry unless you've planned it that way!

Do I have to register my name and device?

No, you don't. But registering them means they become yours, and no-one else can use them. And if you don't, and someone else decides they want the same name and/or heraldry, guess what? You lose!

As long as you follow a few simple rules (more about that next month) your heraldry can pretty much be as simple or elaborate as you like. So get cracking! If you have something in mind, sketch out a few variations on the theme, then come talk to me. If you have absolutely no idea, come talk to me anyway. I have lots of pretty pictures you can look at to get you started.

How do I register?

Its as simple as coming up with a name and device and then sitting down with your Friendly Local Consulting Herald to ensure that:

  • Your name is realistic for someone living in the country and time you have chosen (for example, you'd meet Lady Elaine Wentworth almost anywhere in 16th century England, but youd be highly unlikely to bump into her in a Viking village.)
  • Your device conforms to the rules for heraldic design.
  • Your device does not conflict with any existing registered device (remember, it is unique. Therefore don't fall too passionately in love with your design just yet. It may need tweaking.)

Next, fill in the paperwork (available from your Friendly Local Consulting Herald) and pay the registration fee ($20 to register your name, $20 to register your device. Note you cannot register your device without also registering your name).

Sit back and wait as your device is sent to the Kingdom of Lochac College of Heralds for approval. If it is not approved, you will need to resubmit, but you won't need to pay the registration fee again. That's good for up to three years. And if your device ain't passed by then, your Friendly Local Consulting Herald needs a slappin'!