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Revelations in the SCA..

Earl Sir Alaric of Bangor

When I first joined the SCA, I came from a university and Olympic fencing background. Needless to say when I turned up to my first event, which included a tourney, I was far from impressed by cricket pads, Gumby gloves and carpet passing as chain mail, shining steel and tabards. I have literary background in the classics of Arthurian Romances in both the Malory and Criten d’Troy and so when I had heard people were doing this for real, my expectations were rather high.

Over the years, I have learned that if you expect something then you should be willing to put in the effort to make that expectation come to pass. However, in the beginning , my first reaction was "God that looks awful!" After the trauma of the tourney, I no longer held any expectations high or low for the feast.

After a shower and change, we headed on off to the "feast" and to my great surprise and pleasure the hall was lit by only candles. The ambience generated by the soft light, banners hanging from the ceiling and people greeting you as "my lord" made the reality which can exist come to life. With one or two glaring exceptions (my computer is a …..) the evening passed quickly. The food provided was unlike any I had tried before, not to say that it was all good, but unlike the tourney at least it was interesting. This was the night that I was introduced to my first passion in the SCA, DANCING!

So on reflection on my first SCA experience, I worked out my place in the SCA scheme; since tourneys looked shoddy and were boring, dancing and flirting were fun, I decided on a career of dancing and revelling in the SCA. Tourneys were there for "other people" only. And so my SCA career started