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Review 2006 BPd A

Review of 2006 Baroness's Birthday Passe de Armes

by Lord Raphael du Noir

Recently, the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere celebrated the 'official' birthday of the Baroness in itʹs now traditional fashion: the Baronessʹ Birthday Passe dʹArmes. Knights, squires and spectators came from near and far to gather on a splendid autumn day to celebrate this occasion with a display of pageantry, chivalry, and prowess in combat.

And, although the crowd was not large, which is not a bad thing from the Baronial Constableʹs perspective; I feel a good day was had by all. After all, who wouldnʹt enjoy sitting back in dappled shade, eating an assortment of fruit and nutmeats whilst watching skilled warriors doing battle for oneʹs enjoyment!

That is, for the enjoyment of Her Excellency Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere, of course! I just happened to be in the audience! Nonetheless, a most enjoyable day! As the Constable of the event, I think the most enjoyable part of my afternoon was chatting with some of the passers‐by, who were either bemused or amused by our display, but who still stood back to watch and ask thoughtful questions.

But, from a personal perspective, I took most pleasure from the heraldry that was on display! Banners and coats‐of‐arms were everywhere, gently waving in the afternoon breeze. A pleasure to behold.