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Rowany Festival 2006


Lucia Littlefaire:

  • Reclaiming Helen and my past glory as drama queens of the SCA.

Mariana Vangelista del Piro:

  • Experiencing Berenger, the wordsmith.

Gianetta (TAFKA Francesca) Donata del Piro:

  • Rescuing Siradean in the early hours of the morning when he'd managed to get himself caught up in his sleeping bag.

Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora:

  • Overhearing Ianulfr explain the difference between coal and iron to a six year old with the sweetest enthusiasm.

Grete Vuselin:

  • Being dragged in front of everyone in closing court and being offered to Alfar as recompense for the St Florian rebellion. But he took chocolate instead. Scary - but funny.

Henri de Montferrat:

  • Aemon charging Brusie and Wolf on the bridge, and Wolf dropping his shoulder into him and him falling on the side.

Siridean MacLachlan:

  • Being made to feel like family.

Nesta verch Wyn:

  • Lugging people up to the back of the Warfield to collect the firewood and getting both utes stuck in a ditch.
  • Going around and around Canberra trying to find a container to put dry ice in.
  • Ending up with 4 full trolleys at Coles when doing the encampment shopping.

Both the de Piro sisters said that they enjoyed living amongst folks in close proximity and getting to know the Barony better and meeting a bunch of people from all over the SCA.