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Sca Grievances

Grievance Procedure

With any social group, you may or may not encounter problems with someone or their behaviour. A grievance is something which comes within the context of the game. If it involves Australian/Queensland Law, please direct these complaints to the relevant authorities.

Section from the Administrative Supplement: The Laws of the Kingdom of the West and Principality of Lochac July XXXV

Article IX Grievances:

Section 1.0

Anyone having a dispute with, or grievance against another in Lochac shall first attempt to settle the matter as follows:

  • A. The person shall hold a direct and private discussion with other and attempt to come to a solution.
  • B. If the matter cannot be resolved, the person shall bring the matter to the attention of the most appropriate local officer, or the Seneschal if there is no appropriate local officer. If the dispute is with someone outside the local area, the dispute will be brought to the Principality Officer. If the grievance be against a landed Baron or Baroness or the Coronet Sovereign and and Consort, the dispute will be brought directly to the Kingdom Officer.
  • C. If the dispute cannot be settled at a local level, it should be brought to the attention of the most appropriate Principality or Kingdom Officer.

Section 2.0

If the dispute is of such magnitude that all steps above have failed and a formal complaint is necessary, copies of such complaint shall be sent to the person being complained against, the local Seneschal, the Lochac Seneschal, the Coronet via the Lochac Seneschal, the Seneschal. Complaints against any officer shall be directed to the officer's superior in addition to the above.

Section 3.0

It shall be the right of every subject of Lochac to address grievances directly to the Coronet.