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Seneschal Hall Use Policy

Meetings and Hall Use

  • Any entry into the hall outside of the approved standard meetings must be approved by Seneschal
  • No parking is to occur across the road from the hall
  • Hall must be left in a tidy manner
  • Any meeting or activity occuring at the hall will incurr a site fee to users unless authorised by the Seneschal (eg. Workshops to fix hall)
  • The Baron and Baroness are excempt from paying site fees.
  • No IOU's will be received by the Barony for site fees. If participants do not have sufficient funds, others will provide assistance and they will owe money to the individuals directly. If no-one is able/willing to provide assistance, the participant must leave. There will be no debt incurred to the Barony.
  • Any damage or repairs required to the hall must be directed to the Seneschal for action. If the Seneschal is unavailable and the situation is urgent, please contact the Reeve.