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You are invited to celebrate the blessed Barony of St Florian de la Riviere at our

September Baronial

A light repast in the afternoon to enjoy the championship tournament, Arts and Sciences competition, and the company of our community.


Fairfield Park

(between Noble and Cameron Streets - Same location as Knights of the North)


Saturday 7 September 2013


$5 Members

add $5 event membership for non members
kids 4 and under free


Armour inspection 1.30pm Tourney start at 2.30pm
Arts and Sciences competion "Anything Goes" items to be submitted by 2.30pm
Other games as time permits


by Thursday 5 Sept to
Lady Branwen verch Lewis ap Thomas on


Volunteers willing to support the event though assistance on the day
please contact the event steward

Master Sir Steffan Glaube


Arts and Sciences Competition rules:
Anything Goes….

This year we are throwing the gates wide open to include any pre-17th
century arts and science artefact – from blacksmithing to embroidery to
food and costuming – absolutely anything is welcome.

There are only a couple of conditions.

1.      The item must have been finished in the last 12 months.

2.      A short piece of documentation (1-3 pages) should accompany the
item and explain briefly how it was made and the sources which inspired it.

Please contact the current baronial champion Nicola de Coventre on if you need any advice or assistance about the competition.

Items which are unfinished are welcome to be displayed, but are not
eligible for entry.



Sweet biscuits