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Standard tournament items you will need

For Regular Tourneys

  • List Corners
  • List rope
  • Banners
  • Banner poles and portable holes
  • Marshal Tabbards and poles x 2
  • Heralds Tabbard
  • Baronial Shade Pavilion
  • Karafs for water and a table for it to be served from
  • First Aid Kit with ice or equivilent

For the Entrance:

  • Table for the Gate Reeve and constable to manage their paperwork
  • Receipt book and pens
  • Float and money storage container
  • Indemnity waivers for members, non members, children etc
  • Rubbish bags
  • Box for lost property
  • Cigarette butt container
  • Toilet paper and soap dispensor for toilets
  • Fliers about the SCA
  • Table covering to be able to drape and hide mundane items underneath

If serving food

  • Table for food & and water
  • Food serving implements
  • Shade for the food
  • Rubbish Bags

Additional for Passe d'Armes

  • Tree of Charmagne
  • Shields for the tree
  • Barriers
  • Extra weapons, gauntlets etc

Other Additional Items

  • Rose Tournament - roses
  • Token Tournament - tokens