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Stonehenge Prize

What is the Stonehenge Prize?

By Duena Acacia de Navarre

Every year the magnificent House Stonehenge runs an Arts and Sciences prize at Festival for all non-Laurels. The Prize is often run at the same time as the LPT but there has been talk about running it at a different time so check the Rowany timetable. There are five categories to enter and every victor receives a very generous cash prize.

Categories are judged on the technical skill of the item and on the research that attends the item. Documentation attracts points and should be aimed for in every category (including the research project).

Points are also given for authenticity, art, practicality and novelty of work and research. The aim of the competition is to inspire interest in little-practiced areas, and in fields which may be overlooked. It is a wonderful largess that House Stonehenge shows in sponsoring such a competition. They are a brilliant light in the Society, and through their quiet work make everything shine more .