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The Quiet Word

Baron Ysambart Courtin

I was on a serving crew at a major St Florian event when a gentle, new to the Society made a small comment on costuming. It was a high court event so the ladies were in their finery, and the gentlemen were mainly wearing coates and hose. A vast expanse of delectable male leg was on display.

I was taken aside and a quiet word was had in my ear. "Are you and all your mates poofs??"

I was dumbstruck for a moment and replied in the negative. It was one of those moments where you look around at exactly what we are doing, take on a newcomer’s eyes and just go "I know where that’s coming from but how can they get it so wrong?!" Life in the SCA is like that.

To compound the problem, one of the other servers showed impeccable timing by pinching me on the bum and saying in his most camp voice, "Better run along with me darling, we’ve got some more hot meat coming!" We all minced off and I thought "I have never told the truth and never felt like such a liar in all my life!"