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Things to consider when running a tourney

Things to consider when running a Tourney by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora


Fighting requires a certain type of location. A park with lots of shade, toilets, running water, and flat terrain is essential. Transport and parking is also important to consider as well as the distance between where you want to hold the tourney and where they will be bringing their armour from. Having a breeze coming of a river or water is really refreshing and your fighters will be very impressed for your consideration!


This particularly depends on the season. No tournaments should be run during the hottest part of the day (IE 10-2pm during Summer and 11-1pm during Winter). Holding a tournament late in the afternoon is more popular than earlier in the morning because the sun is late setting and it's generally cooler. There have been some very successful night time tournaments however lighting must be a consideration. Schedule your armour inspection an hour before the commencement of your tournament and ensure that there will be enough light for the end of it.

Types of Tournaments

Standard tournament items you will need