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This is for me - How do I get started?

You've decided that the SCA is the hobby for you! Well done. The SCA can be quite rewarding, primarily because itís about learning about medieval stuff by doing medieval stuff, with mates. This pack has been designed to help you through your first year.

At a base level, to be a part of the SCA, there are a few things that you're going to need:

These things take a bit of time and energy to accumulate or work out - and thatís ok! Weíve all been through this process and there are many people available right now to chat you through things and lend a guiding hand.

This section is in the process of being built to provide further support such as links to the St Florian Combat Training program (pre authorisation) overview of clothing and other such support documents. Ideally you will be able to use these as a resource, but we look to guide you in person and give you direct support.