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Trust no-one!

Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

They tricked me, the bastards, they tricked me!! I never said that I wasn't gullible. In fact Ulfgar had me convinced for sometime that gullible had something to do with seagulls. Depending on whether it was actually in the dictionary or not!!

It was May Coronet in River Haven, you the one, the one you required a snorkel to attend??!! I received this urgent phone call, "Stanzi! You've got to come immediately!" Michael's innocent sounding voice demanded on the phone. "We've got no sopranos and the Royalty want us to perform in half an hour! Can you get here?? We need you now!"

Michael has always been close to my heart. His disguise as an upright Christian pillar of the community was more impenetrable than Superman. I believed him. I always did believe my Michael.

So there I was panic dressing, trying to dress Carolina, Gabriel and myself in the speed of light, knowing my choir NEEDED me. I had to get there! Braving flooding rivers in Carolina trusty vehicle (to go not more than 60kph) named Gerald the Mighty, we set forth to rescue the day.

Arriving mid-court, in absolute fluster, I was quickly whisked away by my choir. "Where are we going? What are we doing? When are we performing???" I asked. Michael commanded "Eyes shut! Hands out!". Surrounded as I was by my most trusted choir, I did this. Into my hands, dropped cold metal. I opened my eyes and looked down. "A Rose leaf! Who's is this??" As the chorus came back, "Yours!"

Bastards! They tricked me! I will get my revenge!!!