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Types of Tournaments

You need to decide what sort of tournament you are going to run and if it requires further organisation. There are many different types of tournaments and these include:

Token Tournament

Each fighter is given the amount of tokens per number of rounds that they will be participating in. The loser of each bout gives the winner their token. The person with the most amount of tokens wins

Double Elimination

Best of three

Round Robin

Number of fighters = the number of rounds minus one. The person with the most victories wins

Rose Tournament

Where the loser of the bout gives a rose to the victors choice


Par d'Armes

The tennans, a smaller number who host the tournament, supply the different forms of tournament and select all styles of format that happen. Generally this is Field Combat, Equal Number Melee, Fighting over barrier or Combat with counted blows. This is displayed on the Tree of Charming with each coloured shield on the tree representing four different types of combat.

The Vennans, the visitors, challenge the tennans to the style of combat and weapon form.

Generally this is fought with the tennan defending a piece of land and inviting those to test their skill and prowess. This is considered to be a high pagentry event and everyone should be encouraged to display as much heraldry as possible.

Surprise Weapon

All combatants bring a “thing” for each hand. A right hand and a left hand draw is made for each fighter.

Poison Weapon

All wounds gained in one bout carry on to the next or any blow to any portion of the body is considered a good shot.

Pandy Bouts

Where the weapon is more dangerous to its user than the opponent

Your tournament may use different facets of any of the listed tournaments. Eg. You may choose to have a Melee for warm up and then continue on with a Round Robin.