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Battle of Buttony Cross 23rd of July 2011

The Baron and Baroness extend their warmest invitation to all and sundry to join them and His Majesty, King Cornelius von Becke, to celebrate 

Saint Florian de la Riviere's 10th Anniversary at the annual Battle of the Bottony Cross XI

The Battle of the Bottony Cross melee tournament returns once again, andthis year it lands on the most auspicious occasion of Our fair Barony's 10th Anniversary! Enjoy a fine afternoon of melee fighting with His Majesty and an honourable company of cohorts. After the battle is won, join in the merriment of the traditional tavern atmosphere of "The Masters Inn", where you can enjoy hearty, belly warming fare and plenty of far fetched war stories.

This year, an exciting challenge is extended to any member of the populace who cares to submit samples of their best and favoured brews. His Majesty shall decide upon the most tasty offering and a prize will be bestowed upon the victor!


 Brisbane Bridge Club, 104 Fredrick St, Annerley
(Where Fighter Practice and A&S is located)


Saturday, 23rd July 2011

Event Costs


Bookings - cut off is 20/07/2011

Mistress Sabine du Bourbonnais:  sabine at three gold bees dot com

Enquiries to - Steward - 
Baron William Addemere

Please provide the following information as soon as possible to assist our cooking team:



12.00pm Site opens
12:30pm Armour inspection
1:30pm Opening court
2:00pm Melee Tourney 
6:pm until 10pm Tavern
Post 10pm After party - TBA

Tournament Information 

So far we have 4-5 melee teams lined up and it is promising to be a grand
event with lots of fighting. Please book as soon as possible to assist our
cooking team.