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The Barony of St Florian de la Riviere presents
Nite of Champions

Bear witness to the selection of the Champions of St Florian de la Riviere through Tournament, Competition & Inspiration of Their Excellencies Bain & Bianca.

Fencing Tournament hosted by Giles Leabrook,

Champion of Fence

Double Kill Single Elimination. All entrants into the tournament will be expected to be vying for the title and membership on the Baronial Guard.

Armoured Combat Tournament hosted by  Siridean Maclachlan,

Champion of Armoured Combat

Double Kill Single Elimination. All entrants into the tournament will be expected to be vying for the title and membership on the Baronial Guard

Arts Championship hosted by Adeline de Montfort,

Champion of Arts

Competition subject: Accessories. Table will be provided for display. Documentation to be emailed to Their Excellencies prior to the event.  All entrants will be vying for the title and membership of the Baronial Guard. Information regarding Entries.

Baroness’s Champion: Lucas d’Avignon

The Baroness’s Champion shall be chosen from those non belted combatants who have entered the championships.  Heavily considered by the Baroness will be the virtues that inspire her: pageantry, courtesy, & joy de vivre

Date:                                          17th of September 2011

Location:                                   Brisbane Bridge Centre, 

                                                    104 Frederick Street, Annerley

Site Opens:                                 17:00 hours

Armour Inspection                   17:30 Hours

Invocation Court:                    18:00 hours

Fighting (Fencing/Heavy):     18:00-21:00 hours

The feast will be served on a side board throughout the tournament.

Event:                                        $20M, $24 NM

Off-board:                                 $8M, $12 NM

Children 0-5                              Free

Children 6-16                            50%

Bookings required by               9th of September 2011for Feast

                                                  No bookings required for offboard

Bank account details available upon request for direct deposit

Steward:                Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Feastocrat:           Maud la leitiere

Bookings:              Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Telephone:           0412 525 987


Feast site is DISCRETELY WET.

Smokers requested to smoke in allocated areas only.

An area will be allocated for armour to be stored

Participants will need to bring their own seating and feasting gear

·         Bookings with payment preferred and direct deposit is available.

·         Cancellation of booking to be received before 9th of September or the full fee will be charged (unless special circumstances arise). 

·         Dietary requirements (allergies/intolerances) to be included in booking. The steward will advise if the kitchen has the capacity to cater for your needs.  It is recommended that vegans go off-board

·         Steward reserves the right to turn away patrons who have not booked.

·         Hardship cases considered – contact the Steward

·         Costume & feasting gear assistance to be identified when booking.