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St Florian de la Riviere Presents:



You are invited to join in an evening of diverse entertainments, good company and general merriment in celebration of


All Hallows Eve on Saturday, 29 October 2011.


We will make merry with play acting, games, divinations and a Dragon

Steward:     Leonore d’Scotia

Contact:     cl_fraser at hotmail dot com

When:          6:30 pm, 29th October, 2011

Bookings:    26th of October 2011 through Steward

Where:        Leonore's house

                     Please park on the road and walk in - unless carting small children etc

                     Contact Steward for address details.

What:          This is an outdoor garbed event.

How much: $6 members (over 12)

                     $7 non-members (over 12)

Bring:          Your good selves, chairs, bug spray & any drinks you may wish to partake of

                     Light snack & water provided

*** Parents of small children please note that there will be a small open fire and a Dragon!!! ***