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Waifed in the SCA

Dame Acacia de Navarre

Within my first three months of the SCA, I was invited to join the Royal Household of John of Sky and Gabrielle of Greenwood. Being new to the society I eagerly said yes! (Stupid mistake number 1!) After numerous late night sewing sessions and continuous panic sessions (anyone experienced in this field will know what I mean) the end was finally in sight. DIVESTITURE!!!

A simple trip to Sydney, finishing a little bit on the divestiture garb, hand it over, stand in court and DONE!.or so I thought.

It all started innocently enough. I took the flight to Sydney arriving at 11:00 am where I was supposed to be picked up and taken to my billet where I could finish the garb. First the plane was delayed by half an hour and my lift had left. There I was in the middle of Sydney Airport with no idea of where I supposed to be going. Luckily a sight of a familiar akubra let me to the Baron of Riverhaven, Baron d'Bruce. (N.B. He had come on the flight after mine.) He valiantly came to my aid and took me to the only place that he knew - Angie of the Wildwood's the autocrat. The place was madness, with everything possible happening but no one there knew where I supposed to be staying.

At about 5:00pm there was a sudden rush through the door of the guy who was supposed to pick me up at the airport, saying "you've got to come right now!" so he could drop me off at the hall to meet the person I was billeted with. Finally I had a name at least - Yseult d'Lacy.

I was dropped off with all my bags at the front of this hall where all the set-up, play rehearsal and singing practice and everything was going on. I was told that Yseult would meet me here and I could go to her place to finish the garb. It was there that I met Master Thorffin my then companion to this trip as he was destined for the same place and had been dropped off with me.

After a couple of hours, we started asking people where Yseult was and found out that she had never planned to go to the hall. By 10:30pm the hall was closing (funny that) with no-one knowing where Yseult lived. One good gentle in an already overloaded car volunteered to get us to Yseult's. With Thorffin, myself and luggage poked in very unusual places, we squeezed into the car to go to Master Maelgwyn's house. There we ate pizza and tried to discover Yseult's address.

By midnight, we finally found our destination. We were in the car, we were headed there! We were at the right door of the right house etc. We knocked on the door and Yseult answered! (Yay!) Alas! Yseult wasn't even expecting me!! But the gallant lady rose to the occasion and offered me her couch which although short, matched me. It was there I spent a lovely weekend with her axolotl catching cats (Axolotls 0 : Cats 3)

In the end it had taken me 13 hours to get to an address half an hour away from the airport... About the amount of time it would have taken me to drive to Sydney from Brisbane. So a note to all you new way-farers..CHECK YOUR BILLETS!!!