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Weasel and the Beast

Master Michael of Waterford

It was my very first fighter auction tourney. Carrying my mace and shield I entered after being sold to some lady for a very cheap sum. I embarked on an adventure. My first opponent, I slew. My next opponent slew me! And then I face Thugor! Thugor the Mighty. Thugor was four foot tall and five foot wide and he wore armour that made him look like a bowl turned upside down or maybe a parfait glass, who knows! He carried a massive 2 handed sword.

I ambled out meet my opponent and the Heralds called out our names. I trembled at the sound of Thugor’s name! The lay on was called. True to form I leapt forward with speed of lightning and engaged Thugor in face to face combat, eyes shut tight! Using the force, I brought down my mace upon the crown of the mighty Thugor and let back to peruse my handiwork. Thugor did not fall. Thugor simply tightly gripped his sword and took a swing!

Fearing my blow was inadequate, I once again leapt into the fray. Thugor could not stand against me for I was like a rabid weasel on Nodose and we danced a duel of death. I laid a whopper against Thugor’s skull again and received a crack against my shield for my pains. Thugor did not fall.

The fight continued. As with all rabid weasels on Nodose, I began to tire. I could not hurt Thugor and Thugor kept coming. Summoning the strength of the weasel, and focusing all my chi and leapt 30’ in the air. The sky went dark, lightning flashed, dropping my shield, I gripped my mace with both hands and descended with a mighty scream that rent the heavens and landed upon the poor unfortunate Thugor, the rocks beneath began to crack. I smiled knowing that Thugor was no more. I heard a primordial groan, and stared in horror as Thugor leapt forward and buried the inside percussion point of his two handed sword into my drained faceplate. I collapsed knowing that there was nothing I could do to defeat Thugor. He was too powerful. Thugor exulted in his victory and I his vanquished prey, lay still.

I rose with agonising slowness, and stumbled dejectedly from the List Field. My friends gathered and commiserated. The mighty Alaric lay his hand on my shoulder and said something comforting which now eludes me but it was the thought that counted.

Suddenly I received a summons. A messenger from the King! I quailed believing this to be a missive of my imminent doom. Had I crushed Thugor’s face with my shield?? Had I hit too hard?? Was I to be banished?? With heavy heart I approached the King. The King looked upon me and said "How did you feel about that bout?" I said something that I can’t remember and He said to me "Give me thy mace!" My faith lifted. Was my mace to be blessed by the King?? Swinging it, he crashed a blow into His leg and said "Yep! That’s fine!" And then He summoned Thugor. Thugor came. Thugor was also quailing. A dialogue ensued. The King had decided that the bout was to be refought.

The battle was refought and the lay on was called. Having summoned the strength of the weasel previously, I leapt forward in a fury of destruction and laid a cracked against Thugor’s skull once more. But alas! Thugor did not fall. My heart dropped and my sense of de ja vu played havoc. I said with frustration in my voice, "Thugor, thou art dead! I have killed thee!" Thugor said "Oh!" and died.

Thugor and I left the List Field but my victory was hollow. Poor Thugor helm was new and badly battered and he had not felt the blows. Thugor left with his honour intact as he honestly had no idea of the blows I bestowed upon him. I left the field feeling totally wasted and the strength of the weasel was no more. I was then defeated in my next round.