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Whats On A&S

What's On at A&S?

There's always something on at A&S! Here's what's on now! More than one series of classes are going on at once. Materials are purchased in bulk available to purchase on site.

If the following doesn't interest you, or you are interested in seeing something available at A&S or a workshop, contact our A&S officer!

Cooking Classes

We will have cooking classes at A&S when you want them. Let the A&S officer know if you want to try something new and we will organise something for you! 

Calligraphy & Illumination

Pimp Your Tourney is on again!!



We will have dancing at A&S throughout the year. Please check the St Florian List for updates.


Coming Soon

Frockin Ell

  • Getting us all appropriately attired in these modern middle ages.

Aketons and Chausers

  • Workshop coming soon to get our new fighters aketons and chausers, and an opportunity for our older fighters to spruce up their on field appearance.