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Why Wayfare

Why Wayfare!

  • You get to meet so many new people!
  • You get to catch up with old friends.
  • You get to see how other groups play the game
  • You can misbehave (a little) and your Mum probably won’t find out
  • You get known throughout the Kingdom, making events like Festival even more fun because you have people to visit.
  • You get to play host to visitors when they come to visit you!
  • You get to go to events where you're not responsible for anything!
  • You can be entertained by the rantings of Sir Berenger of Nancy, and listen to the dulcet tones of Monty if you get to Rowany!
  • You can swoon at the feet of the Lord Arnfin, Baron of Ynys Fawr.
  • You can listen to filthy songs sung by The “Honourable” Lord Vandel of Arrowsreach
  • Or participate in some random prank on some other random household
  • Or simply get your face in another group’s newsletter!

WHY WAYFARE? Comments from Master Gabriel de Beaumont

  • To hear weird accents
  • To go somewhere where your accent sounds exotic and sophisticated (mate)
  • To get free booze
  • To hit new people