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Will the REAL Viola of Bangor please stand up

Viola of Bangor (the real one) - Now known as Lady Lucia Littlefair

I was fortunate enough to finished my uni assessment early last semester so I had a whole month of freedom. I didn't know what I would do to keep myself out of mischief for such a long period of time.

The concern was quickly resolved when I learned that Constanzia had a burdensome amount of stuff to prepare for Baronial Investiture in July. So I offered my services, I knew I wouldn't be much help but I was capable of some basic hand sewing and Constanzia agreed and so I was to go to her house every day.

Well maybe Constanzia had second thoughts after the first day because I'm very curious by nature and I had been carrying a lot of questions around concerning the SCA and Constanzia was the perfect person to answer them. Everyday I had more and more questions to drive her crazy with, they went along the lines of, "How long has the SCA been going for?, When did you join?, Why did you join?, How many members are there in St Floz/Lochac/The West Kingdom?, What's it like being a pelican/ laurel?" etc you get the drift.

After patiently answering my cumbersome questions she'd ask, "why do you ask" and I'd answer, "oh, no reason."' She'd always nod and just keep sewing until one fateful day about a week before Invest, I was sitting on the couch obediently beading away in my mind I was going, "one stitch, two stitches, three stitches, four stitches, knot, new bead, one stitch, two stitches etc" when Constanzia who was cutting out a dress at the table broke my concentration and asked me, "Uh Sophie, is your name Viola of Bangor or Viola of St Florian." I answered, "Viola of Bangor, why do you ask?" and with a wry smile she replied, "oh no reason." So I just continued, "one stitch, two stitches etc." and didn't think anything of it.

Cut to a week later at Invest, the goal we'd been working so hard to achieve for so long. The newly invested Baron and Baroness were holding their first court and this was my first high court event I was just all wide eyed with amazement.

Everyone was complaining about having to sit through court but I was having a grand time! Anyway, the time arrived for the baronial awards to be handed out, I knew that I wouldn't be receiving one so I disrespectfully took my shoes off because they were hurting my feet, I'd also just performed in the pageant as a fire spirit so I had some obscenely red lip stick on and I didn't bother to fix my hair up properly- so I wasn't looking crash hot but it didn't matter because as I said I wasn't going to be called up to court.

Hmm... well Gabriel started to spiel about all the people who had helped them prepare for invest and he wanted to thank those people, here Constanzia took over with that same wry smile. She began to talk about the beading on her and Gabriel's garb and she wanted to recognise those who had devoted to themselves to seeing the beading done. None of this was registering with me, I was just thinking, "oh they're such a good Baron and Baroness to thank the people who helped them."

I can't remember the exact wording, but it went along the lines of, "So" Constanzia said "I'd like to call Viola of Bangor and Claudia de Bercy up here to thank them." In a fury, that I didn't know I could conjure I exclaimed to myself, "SOMEONE STOLE MY NAME" because as I said, it couldn't possibly be ME called up to court.

I turned to my uncle who was sitting beside me to complain that someone had taken my name but he had a look of a ballet mum whose daughter had just won ballerina of the year AND THEN the penny dropped. Ohhhhhhhhhh the meant me! With a dazed and shocked expression I fumbled to put my shoes back on and stumbled up to court. I duly kneeled and I didn't even hear what they were saying because I was trying not to cry out of shock.

I spoke to Constanzia later to thank her and also commented that she'd totally tricked me and with that trade mark wry smile she winked at me and said, "That's OK Petal".

Moral of the story? When Constanzia says, "oh no reason" don't believe her, there's some kind of underhanded plot at play aiming to catch you out while you're not wearing shoes.