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Title Tricksiness:

If you are unsure of the correct title or etiquette on address, it is always polite to refer to them as m'lord or m'lady. It is also perfectly ok for you to ask them what the correct form of address is for them.

This month I'd like to introduce the title of Lord or Lady.

Anyone who has received an armigerous award is referred to as Lord/Lady <insert name>. An Armigerous award includes all awards received from the level of an Award of Arms to Grant level Awards. Armigerous awards include:

  • Award of Arms
  • Order of the Golden Tear
  • Order of the Lily
  • Order of the Rapier
  • Order of the Hasta Belli
  • Order of the Nock
  • Miles Regni
  • Promethean Flame


(There's always an exception, it keeps us on our toes!) Court Baronetcies are also armigerous however are referred to as Excellency (see July's article)

Court Baronetcies can also confer a grant of arms for those ex Baron and Baroness's who've performed an outstanding job and have stepped down after May 2006.