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Feast Of Friendship 2013

A Fayre of fun and frivolity, games and foods to take your fancy.

The New World is upon us, taste natures gifts from across the seas.

On the thirteenth and fourteenth days of the month of July, the people of Stegby invite you to rejoice in friendship at the Grand House of Slade where we will celebrate winter and frivolity as only Stegbians can.

For those of you with strength of bow, attendance is requested by the 9th hour of the day.

Bring your wares to sell at the Fayre, but let the innkeeper know if you require a table and shade.

Challenge yourself to games of skill and taste the delights of the New World. Share your table and your ale; share your laughter and your camaraderie.
Throw an axe, bowl a ball, bob for an apple, watch the puppetry show and toss a skittle, just to name a few excitements.

Fighters, we challenge you with a difference. The Stegby Tournament will not be for the light-hearted. Your skill with sword or pike, hammer or spike will be tested for the pleasure of the people. As will your skill of brain and fleet of foot. Your personal Herald will earn you acclaim as they announce your presence to all, their style and charm will earn you points as well as earn them a prize. Your skill will be challenged by obstacles unusual all before you face your worthy opponent.

And you with fencing sword are warned, your path will all be smitten with obstacles.

Of course our next generation of fighters will have to run the obstacles as well before challenging their opponent in a King of the Hill Tourny.

For the Artisans, some fun. A chance for well gotten gain.

And for the children 13 & under;

(If you are under 8, Mums and/Or Dad's can assist here).

Your stewards are Lady Gabriella Borromei and Lady Olivia Di Medici.
Your Innkeeper is Lady Serena D'Honneur - stegbybookings@yahoo.com.au
Enquiries Please Phone: 0457-336-632

Your missive (email) giving booking details must arrive at the Innkeeper before the seventh day of the Month of July or a late tax will ensue.
In your missive, please give you names (mundane and SCA), membership number, age if not adult, and any dietary requirements (allergies etc).
Also advise if you require lodgings at the Grand House of Slade (Details below).

Your costs are:
Member, $35 for the weekend, includes 2 lunches, Feast and a break of the overnight fast, your children will if they are 9 to 12yo need payment of $12.50, 13-16yo $17.50
Feast and Fayre only (Saturday only) Adults $25, children $7.50 or $12.50
Off board, adult $15 full weekend, $10 one day only.
Non-members add $10 for adults and/or $5 per child.

Heavy and Rapier armour inspections - 2pm. -- Tournament challenge commences 3pm

Accommodation is again available at the Grand House of Slade and is open from 9am.
Payment for accommodation is to be paid in CASH ONLY ON ARRIVAL.

Dormitory bed - $30
Double Unit - $82
Family Unit - $130

Site address for event and accommodation:
70 Horsman Road,
Qld. 4370