March Olympiad


Saturday, March 22nd 2014

Join Stormhold as we come together in the dwindling summer to celebrate the triumphs of the Greek Nations! Participate in a range of Olympic style tests of strength, intelligence and ability. Cheer on the heavy fighters as they struggle to win the team melee tourney. Listen to the liltling tones of the local Sirens. Perhaps tantalize your tastebuds with the novelty of ancient Greek food or even help keep guard over the spit roast so the hungry hoards don’t demolish it before dinner!

First event? On a tight budget? Not to worry! If you let us know in your booking you will be provided with era appropriate garb on the day. Volunteers get a discount, please contact the steward for details.

Location: Bogong Reserve and Guide Hall, Riley Ct, Glen Waverley, Melway 71 A2

Site opens 11am,
Event starts 1pm.
Melee tourney starts 2pm.
Site closes 8pm.

Member - $22,Children under 5 - Free. Children under 12 - the cost is their age!
All non SCA members pay an additional $5 insurance fee.
$5 price rise on the 8th March.
$10 additional at the door (at the stewards discretion)


Given the traditions of the Greek Nations (think Sparta), the tourney will be a team melee style. If we have enough participants, the team will consist of one knight, one pole arm, one left hander and one person authorised for less than a year.

After the main melee, a game melee will be held. Streamer Tag - fighters must protect their streamer from the other team while transporting it from each side of the field. Each lap provides one point, game ends when both teams streamers are destroyed.


Pagentry and the olympic torch procession
Do you own an original Hunter silk banner or something of your own creation? Please bring it along to assist our pagentry display. If you need a banner pole or portable hole please let the steward know as far in advance as possible.