Arts and Sciences in the Barony of Stormhold

In addition to combat activities, members of the SCA pursue a wide variety of artistic, educational, creative and intellectual pursuits. Any non-martial activity undertaken in Europe or its trading partners before 1600 comes under this banner. The blanket term for these activities is the "Arts and Sciences", commonly abbreviated to "A&S".

We have a wealth of people within the group with skills in medieval arts and crafts. If there is something you would like to try, we'll be able to find someone to help and advise you. Some of our current activities are listed below:

• making medieval clothing, shoes and accessories
• embroidery, weaving and other textile-related crafts
• tentmaking and running a medieval encampment
• cooking with medieval recipes, and open fire and wood-fired oven cooking
• brewing
• armouring, including making chainmail and metal and hardened leather armour
• woodwork, metalwork, leatherwork
• calligraphy, manuscript illumination, drawing and painting
• music, poetry, singing and dancing

Where does it all happen?

craft hall on Monday nights, alongside fighter training at the Clifton Hill hall. Plenty of space for cutting out, and access to a normal and an industrial sewing machine.
• informal workshops arranged at members' houses.
• craft guild meetings within the Melbourne area.
• show and tell at our monthly tournament at John Gardiner Reserve in Hawthorn - bring whatever you're working on, finished or unfinished, for help and advice and to show it off.
• event based competitions - these are advertised with the event, and include the table decorating competition held at Winterfeast each year.
• the annual Stormhold Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship - a team competition run over 3 months, with mystery packages of raw materials provided to contestants.
• workshops and competitions held by other local groups eg the Barony of Krae Glas.
• quarterly Kingdom Arts and Sciences competitions - showcase your work with other artisans across the Kingdom of Lochac - details on the Kingdom Arts and Sciences webpage.


For further information contact the A&S Officer, Lady Mevanwy of Stormhold (email address TBA).