Brían dorcha ua Conaill and Miriam bat Shimeon

Between the two of us, we have close to 40 years in the Service of the Dream. Starting as collegians, we have seen (and enjoyed) many different Dreams and by applying for the position of Baron & Baroness, wish to encourage this.

We believe that each eye sees The Dream from a different angle, and that there is room for many visions, each a different facet of the whole, and each reflection adding to the greater glory of The Dream.

The Society was started to have fun and enjoy the Middle Ages "as they should have been". From this simple ideal grew the Great Virtues of Courtesy, Honour and Chivalry. Not only would we strive to lead by word and by deed, but also by encouraging those around us to have fun. The passion for this Dream runs strong in the Barony of Stormhold but passion is of itself not enough, and must sometimes be tempered with patience, kindness and open communication.

Our plan for the Barony is to play on our strengths -- we have fighters who can stand against any in the realm, we have Artists and Scientists skilled and learned in many fields, and those who have worked and served for the Greater Good. Strength and resilience also comes from the new, with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. We have always felt that the experienced and the new could learn from each other and that a system of patrons teaching how to hold an office, an event or even a tourney to beginners is sharing knowledge and makes the Barony hardy.

On a more practical note, we would sponsor more collegia and A&S displays, to get Masters and Novices working together. The Fighting Arts would not be forgotten, as we would also sponsor combat collegia.

If there are any questions, we are available to answer all on Stormlist or on Facebook.


TH Lord Brían dorcha ua Conaill and Lady Miriam bat Shimeon
(mka David and Miriam Staples)


Questions from the populace

This are our answers to the questions posed by many Good Gentles of the Barony. We have placed a few questions together, as we feel they follow a general topic which can be covered together.


  • How would you define a strong Barony and how would you go about strengthening Stormhold? 
  • What are your short term plans for Stormhold?
  • Where, as B&B, would you see the line between being responsible for the entire group, and people being responsible for their own interests/foci?
  • Do you feel comfortable asking the Barony for help to not only fulfil your ceremonial duties, but to keep the group dynamic vibrant?
  • Your tenure length? 

We have always felt that a strong Barony is one where people want to be. There are regular trainings, events and stuff happening that people want to go to. This includes those from interstate and internationally. As B&B, we are limited to encouraging and inspiring others. As we have learnt from doing the Chess Challenge, it is easy to create an event that happens but it is the people attending that make it work. Thus there is inspiration passed between the people of Stormhold and their B&B as they inspire each other. The burden of the B&B is to carry the group's morale but it is also their privilege. We would encourage more volunteers to step forward to hold events and take up offices but in the end the people can only follow their hearts with what they want out of the SCA. As for help in ceremonial duties, we are happy to ask for help, if we need it. We are not shy about coming forward.

Our plans for Stormhold include encouraging small events, with themes that we don't usually see. 

The Medieval World is a very large place over a very large time period. Encouraging learning about all that can be found and experienced can only be a good thing!

We do have an idea about an award, but we will need to talk about it with the Heralds!

If chosen, our tenure would be 2-3 years.

  • What teaching and learning events will be done? 

We will still be doing the A&S mystery bag championship. The idea of an A&S display day is what we will also encourage, to inspire all into entering something they have been looking at. It doesn't need to be a Collegium but possibly included with one. It would depend upon the Steward of the event.

A Bal d'Argent bid will also be encouraged.

  • What specific plans do you have involving attracting and keeping young people in the SCA? 
  • How will you support and encourage newcomers/growth? 
  • What are your plans for encouraging the joining and retention of members with children to the Barony? 
  • What are your plans for activities and resources to entertain, educate and develop, children in the Barony, including pre-schoolers, junior primary school age, tweens, teens and older teens? 

Having stewarded the Chess Challenge, a public tourney can pull in many people. As part of encouraging small events, holding pot luck picnics in popular public parks is the plan. The tourney can be heavy or rapier. The details can be left up to the Steward of the event.

The SCA is a medieval re-creation & education lifestyle. Each parent knows what their child(ren) like. Except for heavy fighting, almost every activity in the SCA can be simplified for kids and the youth to learn. Rapier can be taught to 16 year olds. Finding a way to get those interested a WWC (Working With Children) card will be found, as the SCA must be listed on the card. Fortunately a volunteer WWC card is free, except for the photo. Creating an event that has easy A&S activities for newbies had the added benefit of also being able to be taught to the young. This is bring forth independent individuals that know what they want from the SCA (regardless of age) and know whom to ask for help.

People having fun in the SCA means they will stay.

  • What are your thoughts on Inspirational Equality and would it be acknowledged in your Court? 

Inspiration is a quality that is ageless, genderless and should be acknowledged with grace and courtesy. If chosen, it would be brought up in our court. It is not in our power to decide who someone else is inspired by, nor is it our place to dictate. 

  • How would you deal with inappropriate or bullying behaviour from members of the populace to yourselves or others within Stormhold if it occurred? 
  • How would you like to see bullying issues and bullies dealt with in the Kingdom? 

In many ways, the SCA can be seen to be running on rumours. This topic is too important to leave it there: any bullying or inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with according to the regulations set by the SCA. By remaining approachable and available for any discussions, formally or informally, we also hope to defuse any trouble before it gets to the official Dispute Resolution stage. Empathy, diplomacy and communication can sometimes be enough, and so much the better for all involved when it is.

The Kingdom has it's own bullying and dispute resolution procedures, which includes the Code of Conduct and bullying policy, which really needs to become common knowledge. As part of the Kingdom of Lochac, this are the rules we are to follow. They are to enforced with empathy, compassion and rigour.

  • What are your plans for the development and support of the outlying Cantons (e.g. Cairn Fell Ballarat) and the possible development of new outlying Cantons (e.g. Bendigo etc.)? 

By working with the members of the outlying groups and encouraging them by visiting, attending their many events and recognising their work in court. The Baron and Baroness is nothing without the people on the spot: our job would be to support and publicise their efforts.

  • What are your thoughts on the promotion and support of both target &/or combat archery within Stormhold? 

In the very beginning of our membership of Stormhold, the Barony challenged the Known World and was victorious. This was a combined effort of the heavy fighters and archers: indeed, the last warrior standing on the field that day was an archer. We have been teaching our children about target archery and they greatly enjoy an Agincourt run. Many people, children and adults, do.

However, combat archery is another item. The idea of making perhaps three Monthly Bashes a year into a mixed battle instead of a heavy tourney would encourage those to go to the field. This would fall to the Marshal & Captain of Archers. 

  • What/who would be your major supports during your time as B&B? 

Everyone! The Barony is run by those who volunteer their time as offices, stewards and those who go to the council meetings & training.

However, as a ceremonial positions go, we will chose a few to help us in court. Then after a year, they will retire from the position and we will ask for applicants to help us in our court. This way everyone would be encouraged to have the chance to experience the ceremony of the Barony, from both sides of the thrones.