Brían and Miriam

Unto Your Majesties Felix and Eva, Your Excellencies Hanbal and Ute, Lady Annabelle Perot Seneschal Stormhold and the Great Populace of Stormhold from Miriam bat Shimeon and Brían dorcha ua Conaill, greetings.

Whereas their Excellencies have called for volunteers to take on the duties and responsibilities of Baron and Baroness of Stormhold, to succeed them in their time, we, the aforesaid Miriam and Brían, wish to put ourselves forward for your consideration.

We have both been active in the Society for nigh on twenty years, each in our way.

Miriam has held the positions of Seneschal of the College of St Cecilia, Baronial Hospitaller, and Baronial Seneschal, and is currently a Deputy Seneschal. She has created the Awalim as a continuing research project into all aspects of period life in the Middle East and Dar al-Islam, and as a group of the like-minded with the goal of recognition as a Guild in Lochac. This includes a research blog, which has reached and become a resource to many people in Lochac, in other Kingdoms, and in mundane countries across the world. As part of this, she has studied and practised embroidery, and made charts from original embroideries. These are placed on the research blog for all, and have been used to make gifts for royalty when they have visited. Miriam has also volunteered classes of different varieties during Suth Moot and Border War.

In the last four years she has stewarded five events, including three Chess Challenges and two Guild feasts. The fourth Chess Challenge will be held on the 20th of April of this year.

And once a month she teaches Belly dance.

Brían has held the positions of Baronial Chronicler and Goutte d'Eau Herald, and is currently active as a commenting herald on OSCAR, and is on the Masonry team. He is a student of language, having a passing familiarity with Old, Middle and Modern Irish, Old and Middle English, and Latin. He has also done work in the Scribes Guild, creating many fine scrolls for gentles of Lochac. Many classes in his chosen fields have been held at Suth Moot.

If we are chosen to be the future heirs, our emphasis would be on the Arts and Sciences, in all their forms. We feel that while the Arts and Sciences have been tended with excellence and diligent masters, there needs to be a way to bring the curious beginners in and give them the skill and confidence to think of themselves as artists and craftspeople. To this end, we propose the patronage of collegia and A&S days, so that beginners and masters can work side-by-side, beginners learning skills, and the masters re-inspired by the excitement of fresh wonder.

We would encourage fighting by patronage: Stormhold once had a reputation across Lochac and the Known World for our archers. And we can, with discipline, restore that reputation, so that the combination of a bow and a Stormhold banner are cause for fear on battlefields everywhere. The Fighting arts all are arts no less, and we would also encourage Knightly collegia, inviting knights from around Lochac to teach and share.

We would continue the work of building strong relations with our neighbours and the Kingdom as a whole, as well as re-invigorate the Colleges, to encourage new members. And in all fields else, the principle remains that resilience and strength comes from a continual renewal, such that we would address those who have in the past done their fair share of work in those events which have given us all such pleasure, and more than their fair share, and more again, and encourage them to invite people to help them with these efforts, such that they have help and those people working beside them have the chance to watch how it can be done. We feel that in all arts, crafts, sciences, and works of service, that the barrier of entrance can be lowered, to the benefit of all. So that those who wish to learn are not forced to leap in blind, and those who know have a pool of people to maintain as skilled assistants, and help to become peers. (And even Peers.)

Yours in service,

Miriam bat Shimeon Brían dorcha ua Conaill