Clemens Gascoigne and Dante Caldiera

Unto Their Majesties, King Alfar III and Queen Angharat; Throlf, Vicar of Stormhold; the Populace of Stormhold and Lochac at large do Lady Clemens Gascoigne and Lord Dante Caldiera send fond greetings.

We humbly submit to Your Majesties our application to stand as Baroness and Baron of Stormhold, respectively. We are both keen members of the Barony of Stormhold who wish to see our Barony grow and prosper in the coming years. We believe that our relative young age is an asset rather than a disadvantage, as we have the energy and enthusiasm to take the Barony forward.

Lady Clemens Gascoigne has been playing in the SCA for 7 years, having started her time at the College of St Bartholomew. Within 6 months of joining the college she volunteered to jointly steward the 21st birthday celebrations of said same college, which was a Royal event. She then went on to run a Masquerade to celebrate the College’s 25th birthday. Clemens has been recognised for her efforts in service, being made a member of the Order of the Golden Tear and protégé to Mistress Nicolette Dufay. She has also served twice as Deputy Seneschal of The College of St Bartholomew and once each as Deputy Chronicler and Arts and Sciences officer for Stormhold. At the moment Clemens is focusing more activities behind the scenes, including painting canvas banners outlining the history of the Barony of Stormhold and the Barony of Kare Glas, and individualizing the Stormhold fighter tabards.

Lord Dante Caldiera is newer to our game, having been introduced to it by Lady Clemens. He has spent much time on the tourney field, though not in armour. A Voice Herald of some notoriety, he currently holds the rank of Pursuivant in the Lochac College of Heralds, and although he is rostered as a Herald-at-large, he is currently serving as Deputy to ffride Goutte d’Eau, Herald of Stormhold. In this capacity he serves as a voice herald at Baronial and Kingdom events, including the investiture of Baroness Antonia di Lorenzo. He is also involved in the Lochac Heraldry Chat, assisting aspiring armigers with their device applications.

Both Lady Clemens and Lord Dante have been awarded Baronial Commendations from the Barony of Stormhold for their services. They were also fortunate enough to be the inaugural recipients of and responsible for naming the Etruscan Dolphin, an award from the Barony of Krae Glas for service from those outside its borders.

In deciding whether to put our names forward for this prestigious role, we have consulted with other members of the society who have already held similar roles for their advice. They have provided us both with invaluable counsel, encouraging us to pursue the role. 

Where do we see the Barony going? We would like to entice more members into the Barony, particularly younger players as we would like to see the Barony continuing strongly into the future. We would like to create an environment that fosters giving new things a try, whether that be combat or arts & sciences. Both of us are very willing to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into new activities and would be leading by example.

Yours In Service,

Clemens Gascoigne, AoA OGT

Dante Caldiera, AoA OGT












To begin with, we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to pose a question (or several). The overall theme of the questions was that the populace want the Baron and Baroness to set the direction of Stormhold and “lead from the front”, as it were. The strength of a Barony, however, lies in the people of that Barony. So we say this to all members of Stormhold - If you want more archery, or more dancing, or to attract more people - make it happen! Attend the monthly officer’s meetings at crafthall or speak to the group Seneschal or the group officer responsible for the activity you are interested in and make things happen.


How would you define a strong Barony and how would you go about strengthening Stormhold?

A strong Barony is one with a populace who are willing to work together towards a common goal, who are willing to put their hands up and say “Yes, I will do that, I will take on the role, I will run an event”. We would strengthen the Barony by providing stability, being accessible and willing to listen to ideas, provide support for those ideas and enable connections between relevant parties.


What are your short term plans for Stormhold?

We would like to work towards cohesion and unity within the group and the surrounding groups.

We would like to encourage the populace to come forward with their ideas for the Barony, to gain an idea of what the populace of Stormhold needs.


What are your thoughts on Inspirational Equality and would it be acknowledged in your Court?

We fully support Inspirational Equality. We will acknowledge in court the one who inspires you. The person who inspires you is deserving of recognition, no matter who they are.


Do you feel comfortable asking the Barony for help to not only fulfil your ceremonial duties, but to keep the group dynamic vibrant?

Yes, we feel comfortable asking the Barony for help. We are the youngest candidates, both in age and experience, so we would be naive in thinking that we could do this role alone. We are here, not to dictate what the Barony should and shouldn’t be doing, but to listen to what the Barony wants and encourage them to do that.


Where, as B&B, would you see the line between being responsible for the entire group, and people being responsible for their own interests/foci?

As the B&B, we would see ourselves as being responsible for group wide projects, such as the Baronial Tabards or banners, whether by shouldering the responsibility ourselves or enticing others to participate. We would also ensure that we performed the duties to the Barony as outlined in Corpora, encouraging the Barony through awards. Past this point, though, the populace would need to be responsible for their own interests and foci. If a member of the populace feels that one of their interests would also be of interest to the Barony, we would hope that they would feel comfortable approaching us to discuss it further and perhaps taking it to the Barony.


What specific plans do you have involving attracting and keeping young people in the SCA?

We are hoping that by being a young Baronage, we will attract younger people. We hope to lead by example and show that the Barony is an attractive place for younger people to be. It would be nice to see the Colleges of St Bartholomew and St Cecilia's be revitalized and supported during our tenure, but we understand that this may not be feasible unless we can find people in those sectors who are willing to accept the challenge.


How will you support and encourage newcomers/growth?

We would continue the practice of recognizing newcomers when they come to the Barony through the awarding of the Hoods of Warmth. We would encourage the newcomers to meet as many members of the Barony as possible and to begin with a small interest/area and to go from there. We know there is a wealth of knowledge spread amongst the populace, so if we have a newcomer interested in singing, we can send them to Master Dafydd. If they are interested in the Scribal arts we have Hund Herald, Master Thorfinn as well as The Honourable Lord Brian dorcha ua Conaill. Aspiring combatants have competent and eager instructors in the form of Sir ThorolfR Brandtsson and Gilbert de Walghop.


What teaching and learning events will be done?

While we are willing to support the learning and teaching in the Barony through our patronage, we do not feel that it is our place to decide what teaching and learning events should take place. This is the responsibility of the Arts and Sciences Officers and each of the respective Marshals. We can act as a conduit for the populace and pass on suggestions to the officers, but also encourage the populace to approach the officers directly.


Your tenure length?

At this point in time, we are looking at a minimum tenure of 3 years, with the intention of assessing the situation at the end of that time and determining whether we will continue or return the coronets to Their Majesties so that they may seek our successors from the populace.


How would you deal with inappropriate or bullying behaviour from members of the populace, if such behaviour were to occur and if it was directed either towards yourselves or other members of the populace?

If it was us being bullied then we would first attempt to talk with the party responsible for the behaviour. If we found that there was no response to this, we would discuss the issue with our Seneschal and gain their support in a mediation attempt. If this were to fail, the final step would be to escalate to the next level and begin a formal grievance against the party.

If the bullying did not involve us directly, but one of the parties sought our input we would help as best we could. We would follow the above process to ensure that any issues were dealt with fairly and without prejudice.


How would you like to see bullying issues and bullies dealt with in the Kingdom (wider perspective not just here at home)?

We do not condone bullying, either physical or verbal. It is abhorrent. We do feel that there are several policies and procedures in place for dealing with bullying within the Kingdom and would like to see these followed. For more information, please see:


What/who would be your major supports during your time as B&B?

We are fortunate to count among our friends several former Barons and Baronesses, who have offered us their counsel, should we need it. We would rely on the support of those who have volunteered to assist in the running of the Barony, being the Officers of Stormhold. We would establish a Baronial Household, drawing on the strengths of the various groups within Stormhold to ensure that as many people as possible feel that they have access to the Baron and Baroness, and that all are treated equally. We also have friends outside the SCA who can offer advice without being involved in the group. Naturally, we would also support each other.


What are your plans for encouraging the joining and retention of members with children to the Barony?

We would entice and encourage them the way we would any other newcomer, as mentioned above, taking care to mention that we are working to make the SCA more child friendly. We go into further detail in our next answer. We would encourage them to interact with other members of the populace, as well as those in the Barony of Krae Glas, who have children and develop ideas and strategies. We would perhaps like to see more formal arrangements of children’s activities at Monthly Bash or other events where children will be in attendance, with the responsible adult cycling amongst those who have children.


What are your plans for activities and resources to entertain, educate and develop, children in the Barony, including pre-schoolers, junior primary school age, tweens, teens and older teens?

This is something the whole of the Society is working towards developing, not just our Barony. Like anything that is in the development stages, we would call for advice from those parents with children, as well as the children themselves to determine what activities they would like to see started within the Barony. We would both like to see children engaging in more period games while attending events and would be happy to put together game sets, for the use of the children.

A good resource for children’s activities, which is in the process of being developed is the Children’s Deputy Seneschal of Lochac website:


What are your plans for the development and support of the outlying Cantons (e.g. Cairn Fell Ballarat) and the possible development of new outlying Cantons (e.g. Bendigo etc.)?

We would ensure that any groups who wish to form a Canton, as well as our existing Canton and the Colleges, are given the support they need - this would include gazetting any regular events and encouraging people to attend them, as well as encouraging the groups to host events to generate interest locally. If one-off events are hosted by the group, as Baron and Baroness we would do all that we could to attend and ensure that Stormhold puts on a fine show, to encourage others in the area to join the group. This would also allows us to give recognition to the efforts of Canton and College members who are unable to attend regular Stormhold events.


What are your thoughts on the promotion and support of both target &/or combat archery within Stormhold?

Stormhold used to be renowned for our archers, and while we still have a Baronial Archery Champion, it does feel as though there is less archery in the Barony than there used to be. It would be good to see there being more combat archery, and that requires a suitable site to be able to practise.

It would be nice to see some more IKAC competitions being run at events such as Monthly Bash, but this requires people who are willing to step up and run them.  For more information about IKAC: