Friday Training

On Friday nights we recreate full speed, full power medieval combat. As we focus strongly on safety, all combatants wear medieval armour generally constructed of metal and leather.

Usually, we begin the evening with some slow speed, unarmoured warm up work and build up to full speed armoured combat. Slow speed allows you to have a taste of the action without jumping in the deep end. We also run training drills involving the training 'pell' and live combatants.

After the armoured combat, the evening is finished with a debrief where all combatants reflect upon their fighting, technique and areas of improvement whilst offering encouragement and tips to other fighters.

Nothing special is required to participate as there is plenty to do without armour and some loaner equipment is available. Ideally, providing your own sturdy footwear (preferably leather boots which cover/protect the ankles) and groin protection will help you to try armoured combat.

Within the regular players there is plenty of experience and expertise regarding construction of armour, fighting techniques and other medieval arts and crafts. While the focus is generally on the martial arts, other craft activities are welcome and we have room to accommodate all.

We are close to public transport and just nestled behind the Ringwood East shopping strip.

Members: Donation
Non-Members: $5 to cover public liability insurance

3rd Ringwood Scout Hall
Knaith Rd Reserve, Knaith Rd
Ringwood East Vic 3135

Friday's 7:30pm to 10:00pm