From Alfar and Angharat, King and Queen of Lochac, greetings to all good gentles within the Barony of Stormhold.

We are pleased to announce that we have received expressions of interest for the position of Baron and Baroness from the following people, and that we find all of the candidates acceptable to us:

  • Miriam bat Shimeon and Brían dorcha ua Conaill
  • Sir ThorolfR Brandtsson and Her Ladyship Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir
  • Dame Miriam Galbraith and Master Waldo Turner
  • Clemens Gascoigne and Dante Caldiera

We ask that every member of the Barony give thought to who they feel would best represent the group, and provide feedback to us by 5pm on the 21st of March via email to or the survey available at

Your feedback is important in helping to determine the future leaders of the Barony, and we encourage everyone to have their say.

All responses will be viewed only by the Crown. We do ask that people let us know who they are when providing feedback, especially if clarification may be required, but the survey can also be completed anonymously.

- Angharat and Alfar

Unto all Good Gentles of Stormhold,

With the resignation of Baroness Antonia di Lorenzo, a flaw has developed in the Barony of Stormhold. It is the wish of Their Majesties Alfar and Angharat and the Kingdom Seneschal Mistress Caristiona that Stormhold search for a new Baron and Baroness to be invested in June to heal this flaw.

If any Good Gentle wishes to apply, there is only one condition- they must be a member of the Society. To apply, please email Their Majesties on with your details.

To this purpose, applications for Baron and Baroness of Stormhold are now open, with
the applications to close by midnight March 7th, 2014.

  • The candidates will be announced the next day, March 8th.
  • The polling period will then be until March 21st.
  • The announcement will be made at the March Olympiad (March 22nd).

Their Majesties request detailed opinions on the candidates from the populous, and all responses will be kept confidential. The preferred method of communication is email and letter but an online survey through Survey Monkey will be set up (which will have an anonymous comment option).

Most weight will be given to adult Stormhold members, then members outside the Barony and non-members of the Barony.

This is to follow the rules set out in the Kingdom guide "Baronial Poll Guide"


Yours in Service,

Miriam bat Shimeon

Stormhold Seneschal