Waldo Turner and Miriam Galbraith

Unto the populace of Stormhold do Waldo Turner and Miriam Galbraith send

To introduce ourselves: Miriam began in the (then) shire of Innilgard in AS
20. A founding member of the College of Blessed Herman she served the
collage as chronicler and herald before moving to Stormhold. She has served
Stormhold as Vicar, Herald and Reeve, run events and laboured in both
kitchen and hall. Miriam practices many arts and sciences which gained her
the rank of Laurel in AS 34 For the past 3 years she has also been an
authorised fighter, participating in the martial life of the Barony,
serving as royal guard for 2 crowns and fighting for the honour of
Stormhold on battlefields far and near.

Waldo began playing in Stormhold 13 years ago. He has participated in many
areas of the Arts and Sciences and encouraged others to try new skills,
especially woodwork.  Since authorising for heavy combat Waldo has served
as the Sergeant of the Baronial guard and as Royal household. His
enthusiasm for helping and delight in hard work saw him elevated to the
Order of the Pelican.

The strength of the Barony is our people. It is our intention to bring
together the many interest groups within these lands, drawing upon the
diverse strengths of the populace. To that end it is our hope to attend
gatherings wherever Stormholders are found, from Cairn Fell to the Far
East, with hearts and ears open to the words of the people. To further good
relations with Krae Glas and all other baronies we shall continue to
wayfare within Lochac and beyond.

Yours, in service,

Dame Miriam Galbraith

Master Waldo Turner



Thank you to all who put forward questions. Many of them were on similar issues so we have grouped them by theme. If you want clarification on any of these questions feel free to email us laurai@tpg.com or laurenceirvine@optusnet.com.au with questions or for our phone numbers if you want to chat.


How would you define a strong Barony and how would you go about strengthening Stormhold?

A strong Barony is one with a sense of cohesion, which people are proud to identify with. We would foster this by providing a ceremonial focus, and a sense of direction. Encouraging pageantry and display, and possibly declaring war on someone nearby.

What specific plans do you have involving attracting and keeping young people in the SCA?

The best asset for attracting young people are the young people we already have. Asking them what brought them to the society and encouraging more of the same. Seeing if we can attract more of the LARP crowd also, the demographic is similar. Work to lower the barriers to those people joining us. Provide support and infrastructure for recruiting at universities. Look at ways of reviving St Barts.


How will you support and encourage newcomers/growth?

In addition to attracting young people, we would look at ways to attract people of all ages. Holding events with some spectacle that is attractive to new people. Suggest that people bring a friend along to their next event.


What are your plans for activities and resources to entertain, educate and develop, children in the Barony, including pre-schoolers, junior primary school age, tweens, teens and older teens?

As non parents we would look to the parents of the Barony to coordinate children's activities. We would be keen to provide resources to those willing to run them, possibly looking at the new youth activities program. We would look at setting up a committee of parents for this coordination.


What are your plans for encouraging the joining and retention of members with children to the Barony?

As with the young people, the best placed people to attract families, are the families. Do you know people with children who might be interested? Bring them along. Do your children have school friends who might enjoy an event? Invite them.

What are your short term plans for Stormhold?

Encourage people to try new things and participate fully in the Barony. Facilitate communication between the many interest groups.

What are your thoughts on Inspirational Equality and would it be acknowledged in your Court?

We are both very much in favour of Inspirational Equality, any same sex couples would receive the same acknowledgement in our court as an opposite gender pair.

Do you feel comfortable asking the Barony for help to not only fulfil your ceremonial duties, but to keep the group dynamic vibrant?

Absolutely, this is something that the B&B can not possibly do on their own. Without the participation of the populace there is no Barony.

Where, as B&B, would you see the line between being responsible for the entire group, and people being responsible for their own interests/foci?
The B&B are the representatives of the crown, they provide in game leadership, direction and recognition of the works of the populace. They can not be responsible for people at an individual level. Each member brings their own interests and ideas, and must be responsible for themselves.

What teaching and learning events will be done?

This depends very much on what people express an interest in learning, and what people are willing to teach. Previous A&S weekends have been well attended and we would be keen to consider more of them if the interest is there. As individuals we are also happy to teach in our areas of expertise, Waldo in woodwork and Miriam in sewing and textiles and we would be happy to host workshops in either.

Your tenure length?

We are prepared to guarantee a minimum of 2 years and would consider longer if we were still enjoying the role and had the support of the populace.

How would you deal with inappropriate or bullying behaviour from members of the populace to yourselves or others within Stormhold if it occurred? How would you like to see bullying issues and bullies dealt with in the Kingdom?
Each incidence of bullying is different and requires an individual response. As general policy we would encourage everyone to speak up if they feel they are being bullied, of if they see examples of inappropriate behaviour. We don't bully easily, and we would offer our support for the injured party, mediation or representation if requested and a willingness to take it further up the chain if required. It is hoped that this would be the response kingdom wide.

What/who would be your major supports during your time as B&B?

Our household, Abbotsford, would be our major supports. We would also ask for help and advice from other members of the Barony as required.

What are your plans for the development and support of the outlying Cantons (e.g. Cairn Fell Ballarat) and the possible development of new outlying Cantons (e.g. Bendigo etc.)?
Visiting all of the outlying groups frequently is part of our plan, and encouraging others to do likewise. Providing moral support, encouragement and resources where available. The development of new groups would require people in those areas to want to start something. Support for new groups would be forthcoming where possible.

What are your thoughts on the promotion and support of both target &/or combat archery within Stormhold?
The popularity of archery is high in the Barony at present and in support of this we plan to revive the Sunday archery practice at John Gardiner Reserve to give people more opportunity to practice.