Lochac Woodworkers Guild - Photo Gallery

Included here are photos of items made by guild members. If you'd like more information about a particular item, contact the guild master and we'll see what we can do.

Gothic Benches.
By Eirikr the Eager
Added: April 2005
Two benches Campsite with furniture
A list arch and a snood frame.
By Jean-Paul Blaquiere
Added: October 2005
List shield arch Snood frame
One of the crossroads bridges.
By Blayney Boltovson
Added: October 2005
Bridge building
A bombard and ammunition chest for SCA combat.
By Eirik the Eager
Added: December 2008
Bombard Bombard Bombard
Child-size rope beds.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: December 2008
Rope beds
A norse toy horse.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: February 2011
Norse toy horse
A sign.
By Michael of Stowe
Added: October 2011
A sign in the shape of a shield The sign being used at a fair
A cross and a circle, featuring knotworked designs.
By Michael of Stowe
Added: October 2011
Celtic-styled wooden cross Celtic-styled wooden disc
Glastonbury chair, made for sir Kane, from recycled floorboards.
He changed the pattern a little so that it could be folded up for easy transport.
By Wod
Added: May 2012
Carving on armrest Glastonbury chair Glastonbury chair from another angle
Ambry Cupboard.
By Crispin Sexi
Added: May 2012
Ambry cupboard Carving on ambry cupboard More carving on the ambry cupboard
Bench Stool.
By Francois Henri Guyon
Added: July 2016
Bench stool side view Bench stool front view
Sgabello Chair Circa 1500 to 1550.
This is based on one in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and one in the Gruyeres Castle in Switzerland.
Recycled cedar and red-gum.
By Francois Henri Guyon
Added: October 2016
Sgabello Chair 1 Sgabello Chair 2 Sgabello Chair 3 Sgabello Chair 4 Sgabello Chair 5 Sgabello Chair 6