SCA Ltd is operated by your fellow members for the benefit of the broader membership. As such it provides an umbrella legal framework, with a number of roles commonly found in corporate bodies including Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. It also includes regional representatives from the membership and provides support for operational aspects to support that membership, such as a Registrar and Pegasus Editor. To find out more about the structure of SCA Ltd, read this guide. To contact any of the current officers, visit our contact page. Follow the links below for information on the roles and responsibilities of the following officers:

The SCA Ltd has affiliation agreements with the US-based SCA Inc as well as SCANZ Inc.

Nominations for Positions in SCA Ltd

Any new nominations for the Board are gladly received. Members are free to nominate themselves. Nominations need to be in writing and signed. Nominations are kept for up to two years from the date they are received. Send nominations to the SCA Ltd Secretary.

Comments on nominees are greatly appreciated by the Board. Should anyone have any objections to any nominations currently listed, you can contact the Chair; all such correspondence would be kept completely confidential.