Meetings of the SCA Ltd Board are typically held online from 7:30 pm (Sydney NSW local time) on the second Monday of each Month. SCA Ltd members are always welcome to attend, as observers, as all meetings are open unless they go in camera for confidential business. Observers will be notified if this is to happen.

Discord is the software used to conduct the meetings. Discord is available for most platforms. Headphones with a build-in Microphone are recommended for all meetings – for your own comfort and the consideration of your fellow meeting attendees. Please contact the Secretary in advance if you would like to attend a meeting. You will need to have a Discord account on the Lochac server. Instructions for creating an account are here.

Board Minutes are official documents, and as such are not published until they are confirmed (usually at the next meeting). For storage purposes, only the minutes from the current and immediately previous calendar years are published individually on this website. Minutes from meetings in earlier years are available upon request to the Secretary.

Below are the published minutes for the current and previous year by month. The number used for the link refers to the day of the month the meeting was held. Some months may have more than one meeting due to the workload of the Board, in which case each meeting will be listed separately. Minutes of General Meetings (eg AGM’s) are listed separately on this page.

‘NM’ means that no meeting was held that month.